• We are consistently impressed with the very high caliber of work by the investigators at Batza & Associates, Inc. From a small, discrete assignment to a large, volatile, multi-witness investigation, ...

    - Anthony Label, Esq., The Veen Firm, P.C.

  • In the field of high-end litigation, a reliable and professional investigator is an indispensable asset. It could be the difference between finding a key witness or document that can determine the ...

    - Amir S. Salehi, Esq., Salehi & Associate, P.C.

  • The Batza Team is the best!

    - Alan A. Greenberg, Esq., Greenberg Gross, LLP

  • Batza and Associates, Inc. distinguishes itself from every other investigation firm I have worked with over the last two decades. They gather useful information, not just interesting information that ...

    - Thomas J. Johnston, Esq., Johnston & Hutchinson, LLP

  • I have used the investigative services of Batza & Associates, Inc. for many years and they have always done amazing work for me and my clients. They have worked on many types of matters from the ...

    - Gregory W. Garrison, Esq., Teeple Hall

  • Our firm has used Batza & Associates, Inc. as our investigative arm for a number of years. They are professional, reliable, and top rate, with an ability to get the job done, no matter how ...

    - Louis M. Marlin, Esq., Marlin & Saltzman

  • I really just have ONE word to say of your work: Bravo.

    - Paul R. Kiesel, Esq., Kiesel Law LLP

  • My law firm was Batza & Associates, Inc.' very first client in January 2001 and we are still their client today – that speaks volumes about the level of confidence and trust we place in their legal ...

    - R. Rex Parris, Esq., R. Rex Parris Law Firm

  • I've had to opportunity to use the legal investigative services of Batza & Associates, Inc. since 2009, and I have always found them to be reliable, efficient and they work well within any budget, ...

    - Jason N. Black, Esq., Black + Deen, LLP

  • We have used the legal investigators from Batza & Associates since 2009 on very complicated, high-stakes matters, including major toxic tort litigation. They have always exceeded our expectations, and ...

    - Michael G. Marderosian, Esq., Marderosian & Cohen, APC

  • Batza and Associates delivers time and time again. Even the most time restricted and challenging assignments have been completed with perfection. I cannot recommend the Batza team enough for your ...

    - Andrew G.O. Biren, Esq., Biren Law Group

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Legal Investigators Serving California

Trust the Team at Batza & Associates, Inc.

With licensed private investigators, several of whom are also licensed attorneys, on our team, you can have peace of mind that we deliver on our promises. We are widely recognized as leaders in the field of legal investigation, and have handled more than 20,000 cases.

Since opening our doors in 2001, we have worked hard to refine and sharpen our skill set to the benefit of our clients. Our team upholds standards of professionalism and excellence in every area. If you are in need of hard-hitting results to bolster your case, don't hesitate to reach out to our legal investigators.

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