About Us

About Us

Skilled California Private Investigator

Batza & Associates, Inc. was formed by the late David Batza, after he left a fifteen-year career as a managing principal with an international consulting firm, which provided investigative and intelligence services to attorneys, prominent people, media figures, law enforcement and government agencies.

During his many years of conducting and managing thousands of intricate, sensitive investigations, including those in support of complex litigation, employee misconduct, white-collar crime, corporate espionage, serious criminal cases, and other complicated matters, David Batza developed a passion for legal investigation and litigation support.

Even during its humble beginnings, his vision for Batza & Associates, Inc. was to bring together other professional investigators from many different backgrounds and life experiences, who each shared his passion for justice and the law, and a hunger for developing information that brings courtroom victories. Today, our numerous associates in multiple regional offices are the best and the brightest, the most creative and curious, and those with the highest level of energy in our field.

We are routinely recognized as leaders in the field of legal investigation; yet our names are not publicly recognized, nor are we frequently quoted in the media. In fact, we strive for anonymity beyond the legal field and we have a strict policy of never speaking to the press about our cases, active or inactive. Rather, we prefer that our attorney clients earn the accolades based, in part, on the information and witnesses we provide to help win their cases.

We will continue to resist outside pressures to diversify our client base and expand our investigative practice beyond legal investigation. We strongly believe that if we want to remain the best in legal investigation, we must remain specialized and focused. Today, we are still proud to say that we only accept clients who are attorneys, or who are referred by legal counsel, and government entities.

Our attorney clients come from across the legal spectrum, including those who are managing partners in some of the biggest law firms, as well as those who are sole practitioners. They come from the Plaintiff and Defense Bar. Our clients are civil rights attorneys, and they are state Deputy Attorneys General. One thing all of our clients have in common is that they demand the best in legal investigation and litigation support services.

After more than 20,000 cases in nearly all practice areas, we still look forward with great anticipation to the opportunity to serve you. Upon request, we will gladly provide a list of client references to attorneys or law firms.

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