Our Experience Makes Us Top-Notch

We have experience conducting complete field investigative services, including court records research and document retrieval, surveillance, scene investigation and photography, and canvassing areas to locate previously unknown witnesses.

We have many criminal defense attorneys who seek our assistance in evaluating and gathering the vast amount of evidence involved in certain cases. We can help you develop evidence and confirm discovery information; as well as contact, and gain the cooperation, of "hostile" witnesses or others who can lend a hand in your case's discovery.

Our experienced California legal investigators conduct hundreds of witness interviews every year. They are experts at overcoming witness objections and gaining trust and rapport with often uncooperative witnesses. Furthermore, if you have received an unfavorable jury verdict, then it is important to recognize that you may be able to pursue a correction to the situation through post-trial investigations of any juror misconduct.

Recognized Leaders in Legal Investigation

At Batza & Associates, Inc., we are recognized as leaders in the field of legal investigation due to our vast experience and the results that we have been able to obtain for our clients in the past. If you are seeking evidence or information, then take advantage of our investigators' years of experience and substantial resources. You can be sure that we will put all of our resources to work to obtain the evidence.

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